Sunday, September 03, 2006

Introducing Acacam!

Actually, my fellow Virginians, that's just what I call him. The man's name is Jon Henke. We cast our net far and wide for an experienced, professional, expert blog consultant and we got the real deal. Acacam's going to help me deliver my message of Jeffersonian Principles to Real Virginians who use the internet.

He already blogged this about me:

"George Allen has gotten a raw deal from the press and Democrats on some issues and innuendos."
That is excellent blogging--it resonates with me, and I think it will resonate with others as well. Having my own blogger may already be paying off: for example, Right Wing Nation says "George Allen Is The Man." (They agree with me that, given everything we know, the only coversation we need to have with Iran is one that starts us saying "Launch missiles" and ends with a big explosion somewhere in Iran. I don't know why the President lets Condi run her mouth off so much.)

Incidentally, Right Wing Nation thinks the "only bad thing [I've] done was apologize to the idiots about that Macaca remark." They may have a point.

But what's done is done. At the campaign to Re-Elect George Allen, we are ready to look forward. Now that Acacam has my back I may be posting a little less, but I'll still try to check in with you frequently.

Your Bruiser in the Blogosphere,

Fightin' Felix


Anonymous Vabelle said...

While I'm glad to hear to hear you'll have a professional blogger guarding your back, I'm saddened by your statement that you yourself will be posting less. You've been doing a splendid job and I doubt Acacam will be able to provide that same special, personal touch, which I admire so.

And I have doubts about his sanity or even common sense. He seems to have done a piss-poor job regarding the promotion of your Jeffersonian Principles and he's also claiming you have a "libertarian attitude", which is -- I hope -- pure nonsense. While the guy looks too young to even know what libertarians are (or used to be), it's not a sufficient excuse for him to skew your positions so. Since you're paying him, I should hope you'll rein him in a bit. With a better success then you had reining in Bubba at the BV parade during the Labor Day weekend (see how Wash Post is maligning you, here:

Regarding Iran. I didn't know what your position on that issue was, and am glad to know you're steadfast. I suggest that you take the following song:
as your official campaign hymn. It would tie together, so nicely, both your policy and your Californian roots -- which I'm happy to know you've discarded for our own fair state.

9/05/2006 8:41 PM  
Blogger Fightin' Felix said...

Vabelle--Acacam has made some unfortunate remarks, but we're whipping him into shape. He's all about Jeffersonian Principles now.

I checked our your Iran link. Clearly that person isn't as much of a patriot as I am--but the film still made some excellent points. Your Steadfast Senator,

Fightin' Felix

9/09/2006 5:10 PM  
Anonymous ANT said...

Who's the Macaca now that the people have spoken!!!

11/08/2006 12:14 PM  
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