Sunday, August 20, 2006

Send us your pictures!

My fellow Virginians,

The Re-Elect George Allen campaign staff is beefing up our Web site photo archive. They want to present me as the diversity champion that I am. Here's how you can help:

If you are an Indian (any kind of Indian) and you've had your picture taken with me, please send it to the campaign. Non-Indians can help by finding pictures of me standing near an Indian (or, frankly, any person that might make someone, for whatever innocent subconscious reason, say "Macaca").

Send photos to Thank you! Onward and upward,

Fightin' Felix


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great... Please expand your definition of a person who would make someone say macaca. My guess is that it's not a white guy. Also congrats on finding that picture with the black woman. Must've had to dig pretty deep for that one. At least there was no noose around her neck...

8/28/2006 2:08 AM  
Anonymous Vabelle said...

Hey, Anonymouse,

It's mighty brave of you to hide behind anonymity when attacking someone, especially someone above you in station. And you're showing your liberal ignorance in your posting, too. It doesn't take a genius -- or even a monkey -- to understand who might invite the title of "macaca"

Macaca is a genus of a monkey. A monkey is the epitome of cleverness (takes an active brain to engage in "monkey business", for example. Also see the book, about a monkey, by Pat Bagley; I got mine from Amazon). So, it logically follows, that anyone unusually clever is likely to be called a monkey. If you're a big and hairy monkey, you're probably be called a gorilla. But if you're a small and engaging monkey, you'll be called a macaca (macaque). Is that so hard to understand? Re-read the erlier post by our own Fightin' Felix, if you don't believe me.

On top of your knee-jerk, liberal ignorance, you're also showing your own closet racism. The woman in the picture is NOT black; she's Indian (well, maybe a non-Muslim Paki).

Are you a Brit by any chance? Because here, in Virginia, we can tell the difference (in fact, we make a point of being able to tell the difference), while to the Brits everyone to the south of pale pink is a ""darkie", even Gypsies.

If you are, indeed, a Brit, would you mind going back where you came from or, at least mind your own business?

PS. Your Mr Bliar is a macaca too.

8/30/2006 9:41 PM  

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