Saturday, August 19, 2006

I can take a joke

My fellow Virginians,

The explosion of criticism precipitated by my recent off-hand comment is indicative of an unfortunate trend: America is losing her ability to take a joke. Liberals have heightened our sensitivity and "political correctness" to the point that calling an Indian boy "Macaca" is suddenly a capital offense, even if the person who says it is just horsing around.

I can take a joke--and that's a good thing, because the pictures/cartoons you see here are but a small sample of what I've had to endure ever since many of you interpreted my humor so poorly.

To the voters of Virginia, I say this: Even if you are responsible for images like these, even if I have been the butt of your jokes, even if you've publicly labeled me a racist...

I'm willing to forgive you.

I realize that we are all guilty of misinterpretation now and then. In this case, many, many, many of you are guilty of it at the same time. But my heart is big enough to forgive you all.

I thank the Commonwealth for standing behind me during this difficult time. (Still ahead in the polls!) I want you to know I have learned something very important from all this. I've learned that a lot of Virginians still know Funny. Onward to victory in November.

Always defending America (including her right to laughter),

Fightin' Felix


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